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FINSOR’s history began with its establishment in 2013 by Founder and President, Manuel Ros. The company has grown through both his vision and hard work, allied with the dedication and the commitment of all involved. The company grew from its inception to becoming a major market player, demonstrated by its exponential growth.
​The company’s expansion has been designed to strategically place it within the market in line with Manuel’s vision.
​FINSOR sits atop a business structure that consists of multiple subsidiary companies, all of which contribute individual value to the whole group by acting as their own autonomous business models, constructed under the direction of the Founder.
​FINSOR itself represents Manuel Ros’s personal business interests. It has been built to form a stable platform with a strong inbuilt structure whilst having the creative freedom to initiate ‘start-up’ opportunities under the FINSOR umbrella, utilizing the group's infrastructure and financial stability. Manuel Ros’s leadership and clear vision have led FINSOR into the position it holds today, at the forefront of the marketplace.
​FINSOR owns a group of diverse companies, which in turn operate their own subsidiaries worldwide. The business has diverse interests in varying industries and is moving forward with a sustained expansion plan. Currently, the group has a consolidated workforce of over 10,000 employees worldwide.
​FINSOR, as a corporate entity, is characterized by a detailed internal organization offering synchronism, which is defined by its professionalism and efficiency.
​FINSOR has aimed to build a union of synergies to deliver and or exceed the expectations set by its Founder. Internally, it has a highly automated technological base. It strives, at every opportunity, to maintain a ‘luxury boutique’ atmosphere both inside and outside, thus preserving a prestigious feeling to all who interact with it, staff and clients alike, creating a harmonious ambiance between all the parties dealing with the group.
​The environment we have created is directly reflected by the hard-working daily commitment from our staff, manifesting itself in our financial results. This has made FINSOR into a solid corporation between its industry peers.
​Today, FINSOR is a purely financial entity and the owner of a worldwide group of businesses and subsidiaries with a corporate value in excess of USD 20 Billion.
​The Founder has decided not to limit the group's growth with the intention to publicly list the company in the future as a way of both solidifying the strong identity already established and to satisfy corporate projects.













the team


I acting according to my philosophy that a "talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" and  I believe that a teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives, It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results ... this is how I build and drive the entire corporation since the creation !

Manuel Ros

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