FORMEDIA is the media platform of FINSOR group, the owner of a TV format having the scope to seek out talent, offering unknown artists an opportunity to express their individual capacity. The concept called “THE ASCENDER” is an idea invented by Manuel Ros. After traveling worldwide, Manuel has seen many individual street performers, that despite having real talent, remain anonymous against the famous artists we see and hear about on a daily basis.
Consideration of this made him realize that most of the talented individuals available in this market are not well known due to the lack of opportunity to approach relevant TV shows or having been rejected upon the individual decision of the pre-selector during the audition stages. They are not voted by the audience who represent the market for an individual’s success, as their presence is limited to prime-time viewing when the final selection reaches the top.
In addition, one of the major points that Manuel Ros recognized was that there are currently no existing models that offer anyone a chance to express their talent directly to the mass without first going through a pre-selection or private vis-à-vis audience.
"THE ASCENDER" is a system created for talented individuals where its method guarantees everyone an equal chance to express their abilities. Instead, they are judged directly by a real audience via a prime-time exhibition, lacking the requirement of preselection or decision from anyone professional.
THE ASCENDER owns various well-equipped studios similar to that of regular TV production studios, with the sole difference that each individual has the chance to perform via website and smartphone apps, knowing they will immediately be judged by millions of viewers as if they were at the final stage of a TV show.
The concept is based on the individual’s financial support. In the event the candidate matches all criteria and is eventually selected, FORMEDIA will proceed to sponsor them to enter various shows allowing the individual to meet external top production labels of whom are operating in partnership with FORMEDIA.
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