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FINSOR is a corporation found upon a strong code that rules its management with the intention to strongly protect every single individual and company's rights whilst avoiding unfair treatment or tailor-made favors that large corporations would normally offer.
What people call ‘policy’, in FINSOR is known as ‘code’. Its implementation must be granted in any condition, status, level, and relationship with anyone who is connected to the firm. Personal conditions do not exist across any of the business management. Every single relationship with any individual or corporate entity will be managed according to the code that rules the enterprise, where no exceptions are taken into consideration.
Each individual that presents its application to be part of FINSOR business activities worldwide, must submit their request for evaluation before being accepted for an interview. Each external company that wishes to cooperate with the firm, must follow the partnership process prior to the commencement of the business activity.
FINSOR has a dedicated policy for each sector, department, industry and step, forming the company management methodology. Anyone that wishes to enter into a partnership, cooperation or simply be part of the internal organization at any level, must read, understand, accept and subscribe to the FINSOR code. That way, we avoid any misunderstanding in the future that could provoke disputes or disappointment between the partnership. The intention of FINSOR is to solidify every single relationship from the beginning, for the benefit of everybody but especially for the longevity we constantly strive to achieve, immediately reducing the risk of damaging a newfound relationship.
FINSOR will always manage and regulate each relationship with respect to the ‘code’ set out by Founder and President, Manuel Ros, as a way to regulate every single sector that forms the entire corporation.
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