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Manuel Ros

After over twenty years of hard work, sacrifices and dedication, I’m proud of the results that FINSOR has achieved, thanks to the precious support and contribution received by everyone who has been part of my business adventure focused on bringing the corporation where it is today.
It’s an honor to lead FINSOR, which is now representing a worldwide organization. It has been raised by the involvement of faith, emotion, belief and talent, together expressed by every single individual who accepted the challenge to support me during this massive corporate escalation that FINSOR represents today.
I will never forget the remarkable support from many people who today, remain part of my “business family”. They have always believed in me, especially during moments where others believed I was on the wrong track. FINSOR is the result of loyalty, love and union, expressed by a lot of individuals that never stopped believing in me, even when there were opposite forces around attempting to destroy their support.
FINSOR is a family house, where strong feelings of mutual protection rule the relationship between “my angels”. They never give up the chance to protect me along with reciprocal respect to protect them from any external circumstances, knowing they are one of the few pillars on which FINSOR is held up.
FINSOR is great today because it is strong. It makes me happy to know that it has been created by members that carried out their own individual tasks with their heart and soul, wherein the interest of one is the interest of everybody. No individual achievements are possible in FINSOR without collective success first.
Everyone involved in making FINSOR what it is today are special individuals. My wish is that all Founders have the same drive on teamwork as I have had, especially when initiating those first few steps, and everyone there kept me up and fighting the actions of those who sought to see me fail.
I can only express, however, that the sole reason I have been part of the achievements was due to successfully directing these individuals. However, directing is an easy job when you have the best orchestra formed by top talents.
I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everybody who has been close to me and for believing in my vision, principals, morals and values.
                                                   Manuel Ros
                                           Founder & President
                                          FINSOR HOLDING INC
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