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FINSOR’s existence is based on a belief that adopting strong principles is the core winning method to succeed. The corporate vision is represented by the need to achieve as a result of Manuel’s personal philosophy and not corporate strategies alone. Regardless of whether strategies alone are the source of FINSOR results, they are not responsible for its charismatic identity.
FINSOR’s distinction from other companies is thought to be a direct result of its initial development; growth of which formed FINSOR’s personality. Manuel Ros, as Founder, wanted to consider the company as the head of a family, imposing a patriarchal status and using the corporation as a point of reference for each subsidiary in order to follow proper business principal, through education and implementation of Manuel’s philosophy.
FINSOR is a well-educated company, the ‘head of the table’, where a large family encompassing all members and individuals bring their contributions, guaranteeing respect towards the values and principals imposed by Manuel’s business education, with the intention to offer benefit to everybody in equal dimension.
The family method allows FINSOR to make sure that, despite the various activities promoted by every single subsidiary, the process in which to conduct individual business is exactly the same in all situations, in front of all aspects and towards everyone involved.
The union of principals along with this family mindset is constantly deployed between the whole organization, creating the exclusive business education that we stand for.    
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