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FINSOR is driven by a man’s values; reliability, seriousness, respect, courage, integrity and more. This is the basis of a ‘pure’ man, alongside full satisfaction to each and every commitment he makes. The majority of corporations worldwide act according to a business mentality, where personal interests are prioritized; decisions are adapted over time which are often different from initial agreements. When the loss of respect towards the initial agreement could directly affect the benefit, it highlights behavior worthy of a corporate entity, not that of a man.
FINSOR adopts and adapts every single decision with the sole intention to satisfy every single commitment to anyone who has the chance to initiate a relationship, removing any type of excuse, law, or motivation. The extreme seriousness expressed at each step has made FINSOR one of the most reliable entities across all industries, whereby it performs its business through the large company organization.
FINSOR’s success comes from the trust the firm has received since its creation. For us, achievement is the sum of consideration, belief, support and loyalty that anyone obtains from third parties. This is only possible when the faith received is largely paid back by the entire respect of each commitment along with its delivery; an element that makes a man entirely trustworthy and believable. In this case, we are talking about FINSOR, managed by Manuel Ros, as a pure man and not as an ordinary company.   
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