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FINSOR is the business life achievement of its Founder, where all single experiences were combined to accomplish what he has done to date. This represents a point of reference for everyone within the organization, worldwide, whereby overlooking of single projects is performed alongside entire company management.
FINSOR is the only place on earth from where all activities carried out by its subsidiaries are developed and managed in order to keep the implementation of strategies customized accordingly for each company’s needs, under precise control. It is formed by over 100 departments, each of them synchronized with their related third-party groups to ensure implementation of the ‘Swiss Watch’ concept.  This mechanism offers a fully independent management system whereby in-house knowledge avoids the release of sensitive information to external parties, improving safety and lowering risks in favor of corporate interests, inclusive of partners and clients that believe in the firm.
FINSOR is the head of the empire, a financial entity where all capitals produced by each subsidiary company are conveyed through a financial policy with specific criteria, by which all equities are consistently managed. FINSOR redistributes its wealth between the companies owned, with the sole intention to boost individual growth according to single approved strategies alongside the support of major corporate banking institutions whose cooperation with the whole firm guarantees results, supervision and low-risk management.
FINSOR is not the sole reference for the entire business but instead joined by single members of the large staff unit present across all companies worldwide, forming the global business heritage. A dedicated corporate concept has been expanded by Manuel Ros, whereby each member is not classified as part of the business machine but is fully considered a valuable part of the heritage, becoming an important asset in the formation of the company wealth.
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