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REMAR is the financial institution; the “First Lady” of the entire organization, created by Manuel Ros as an initial individual investment company. Through impressive evolution, REMAR today represents a purely financial entity formed by 2 private funds and 10 equity collection offices worldwide, equipped with prime financial brokers in charge of proposing corporate financial products and investment opportunities to the individual, corporate and top financial equity firms.
      As part of the company, there are:
  • Commodities Division operating in Precious Metals along with Oil and Gas;
  • Properties Division in charge of investing capitals over new constructions;
  • Petroleum Division for drilling platforms investment;
  • Industries Division to invest fresh equity into new and exciting enterprises, with new startup companies having a large capacity for growth.
     The business activities are extended to:
Securities Stock trading with a dedicated organization implanted in the heart of Wall Street, formed by a large brokers team in charge of trading large capitals over the top Financial Stock Markets worldwide.
     The financial activities include:
Active management of an FX trading platform along with a network of “FX Street Points” open over various cities worldwide and offering participation in an FX Financial Trading Session to regular retailers walking inside.
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