ITASON is the e-commerce idea dedicated to Italian fashion shops, created by Manuel Ros, with the intention to support the sale of products already available inside a shop.
The concept can be likened to that of a “bridge” between potential buyers and the article they are looking for. The idea is based on the vision that for each Italian fashion article, there is a buyer; local or international.
The idea has expanded around the analysis that a fashion shop has its customer base according to – and strictly limited by – the area it is located. Most of the time, a shop owner cannot sell one of its products. It’s limited not by lack of demand, but instead due to potential buyer location.
ITASON is the bridge to connect each potential buyer with the shop that holds the item they are looking to purchase. As part of the concept, there is a dedicated and unique payment policy, one never adopted by any e-commerce until today, allowing the buyer to choose ITASON over its online competitors.
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