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FINSOR, being a large corporation of businesses, not only has an obligation to satisfy all needs without exclusions and imposed by the natural status of the represented company but also requires responsibility in favor of everybody, protecting every single interest represented by anyone, who under all forms, have a relationship with the firm.
FINSOR’s intention is to constantly create longevity for each relationship created. Long term cooperation makes it easy to achieve goals quickly and the compatibility of our vision is the secret of strong partnerships, allowing anybody – especially corporations – to grow and obtain results that would not be otherwise achievable on a standard and self-interested setup. Longevity brings strength to relationships, offering power, consideration and involvement of third parties, transforming single cooperation into a club of partnerships generating a waterfall of energies that if canalized into the firm, will offer a supreme development for benefit of everybody raising the company identity. This is what FINSOR does.
From the onset, FINSOR implements all of its morals through the concrete application of its philosophy, making sure the corporate attitude delivered by human behavior and expressed by all staff acting on behalf of the entity, will represent the responsibility owned by the brand. This moral prerequisite remains necessary in order to influence belief in the growth of the business with partners, operators and contributors.
FINSOR does not consider the longevity of a relationship to be based upon calendar time, but on the events the corporation has been achieved and exemplified by success delivered by each party, focusing on the behavior, values, and consideration. FINSOR does not intend to lose any chance to prove to its partners their value and importance upon corporation business life.
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