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FINSOR is a financial holding entity, sole owner of a business organization formed by over 150 companies incorporated over various jurisdictions and operating worldwide between prime industries, entirely managed and monitored from our American headquarters.
The business portfolio is formed by 6 major subsidiaries performing business over various industries, with branches or points of business extended between different cities and countries around the world. The group represents the achievement of Manuel Ros's ideas, passions and prior experiences. All corporations were carried out on the basis of the Founder's personal vision, with each individual strategy and concept forming the group. This came from his need to express his capacity, with the intention to create something unique that posed as a personal challenge for Mr. Ros.
FINSOR organization is formed by:

1.        BILLIOMAR Group
2.       AUTOMAT Group
3.       REMAR Group
4.       ITASON Group
5.       PASTAFLY Group
Each of them clarified over their relevant section.
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