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FINSOR has been created by Manuel Ros with the intention of forming a point of equal management operating in favor of all single companies created over the last twenty years of business life, alongside being a flexible body capable of encapsulating eventual future investment or expansion. The scope of FINSOR was initially focused on the need to create a financial vehicle organized to reinvest the personal equities coming from the single pursuits he was running.
The result of his success offered Manuel Ros a large number of capitals to manage, raising the needs to transform a company vehicle into an operative corporate, moving specialized profiles into its internal organization to technically manage each operational step in favor of all single companies within the entire business heritage.
Over time, every single pursuit has been developed, resulting in company growth. The initial company representing a single business became a collection of companies operating and promoting various types of businesses over numerous countries. Each adapted the initial step made for a ‘single company’ to become an international corporation as it is today.
The same situation has been represented by every single company that is part of the group today. In reality, Manuel Ros’ strategies have generated a massive expansion in favor of each company that formed part of the initial group. Today the whole corporation is formed by over 150 companies, each of them having a single dedicated role within the organization. The large number of business activities worldwide has required ultimate dedication from the organization, with a customized setup made to manage; overlooking and developing each aspect of the company, guaranteeing top performance.
As a result, the company which was initially created as a financial vehicle, became a prime financial holding company worth more than USD 20 Billion, with an excess of 1,650 staff members inside the American headquarters and 10,000 between all companies operating worldwide.
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