PASTAFLY is a fast-food business aimed at travelers, organized to operate exclusively inside airports all over the world. After spending a lot of time traveling the world, Manuel Ros noticed that all major boarding gates, just a few steps before walking onto the plane, offered no service to passengers. At the same time, he captured the fact that each boarding gate is an area where every single passenger is required to pass through, representing a huge concentration of spending power.
Many travelers are unlikely to stop in shops, bars, and restaurants, but without a doubt will sit outside a boarding gate for extended periods of time. According to Manuel Ros’ vision, the standard, cold and unexpressive waiting area is, in fact, the best place for a high concentration of clients; business attraction is not necessary as every single passenger will be there by default.
More importantly, passengers will not move from the boarding gate in fear of missing their flight or losing their boarding pass. At this point, Manuel Ros saw a huge financial potential that has not been explored until today.
PASTAFLY’s idea is to bring a selection of fresh Italian pasta that is cooked on demand, light to digest, affordable, quick to eat and tasty. PASTAFLY offers a concept that is currently not available, inclusive of existing restaurants within the airport.
PASTAFLY is designed to bring an opportunity to eat a delicate Italian dish accompanied by Italian espresso, Italian chocolate alongside regular Italian soft drinks from a DOLCE VITA style trolley in front of travelers sitting at the boarding gate, each trolley managed by a group of 3 people of whom are in charge of serving the client.
PASTAFLY is there to offer fresh Italian pasta to each traveler, prior to their flight.
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